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Golden age of Hollywood

Emotionally generous customers are a dream to work with. United Decor definitely had the winning lottery ticket this time: a young and successful investment banker inspired these designers with her energy and inner light.  A Image of a future interior came to mind from the very first viewing, and with further conversations, it was decided to create an interior dedicated to the most luxurious and sparkly time of 20-th century: style of progress. Early Hollywood art-deco was chosen for its great love of life.

The apartments layout is remarkable on its own: Main demand was to create softly rounded walls- that is how the opened spaced entry hall appeared, which flows with all those curves to the living room, inviting to indulge yourself with a spectacular view of the central piece of the lounge area: geometrically decorated fire place.

On one side of the living room is an entrance to the cozy dining room, that hides the kitchen around the corner. On the other , it discretely leads to the spacious en suite bathroom. Through the development of the project it was decided to give maximum meters to public zones of the apartment: hallway, living room, dining room and kitchen space are 2/3 from the entire space.

All rooms are brought together by open  hallways. There is only one door- dividing space in public and private areas.


The Luxury of the decade known as the ‘roaring twenties’ in brought to life in this project with plumbing assistance, decorative elements on the fire place installation, delicate mixture of colours and textile. Furniture and lightings, being used are laconic shapes, but magnificent finishes and colours: deep blue shades of velvet and silk, berry, every little detail draws attention to itself.

While developing, project designers of United Decor were strictly insisting on every unnoticeable detail to be perfect; at the end it makes the entire project work perfectly: round boarders  between tiles and parqueting, accurate Tiffani pattern cuts on bathroom walls, smooth surface of round walls. Perhaps, that is why visitors enjoy exploring interior closer. This interior turned out like a perfect old fashioned cocktail, mixed in ideal proportions