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French vibe

The Interior of this cosy apartment, in an old historical building ,was created for young family with a toddler. It became clear from the very first concept, that the owners prefer modern French eclectic motives and neutral, calm bases, with bright deep colours and details.
Unfortunately, this house has a lot of construction restrictions, so, designers could only correct doorways layouts and halls geometry, fixing the symmetry of apartments.
The general style concept was entirely accepted in a first read. Graceful architecture was to play a role of neutral base: plaster mouldings, classic ornamental parqueting, tall doors with transoms. Designers returned a doorway in the living room to its historical place. Tall double doors were in this apartment from the beginning, but previous owners for some reason got rid of them, living one narrow door instead. Already at the stage of searching  or wall finishing, apartment has started to get its bright details: two berry coloured alcoves appeared in the living room, which was the owners long waited dream. In the bedroom United Decor has offered to accent the wall behind the headboard with contrast wall covering. It was decided to allow the striped paint shade to continue through the ceiling to the opposite wall, and has created an unusual accent. Wall covering was suggested by clients, as it turned out they were dreaming about peacocks pictures from Coll&Son collection. Birds cage ceiling lamp was a perfect match for this idea. The kitchen space supports general concept of the interior: Sunny yellow chairs burst into a delicate palette of walls as ray of sunshine. This colour splash is being accompanied by window shades and textile decoration elements, like sofa cushions.
It was decided to keep the bathroom and toilet in monochrome to guarantee an atmosphere of relaxation. However, with unity of colour, these spaces are filled with different textures and details, that create a complicated, multilayered picture.