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The White House inspired head office

Design task for creation of managing directors office creation of a building company was completely clear from the outset go the first conversation. The customer dreamed of the Frank Underwood like (the head of the Presidents office,featured in TV series “House of Cards”) office for himself.
United Décor designers were tasked to create, an office in the so called “American classic” style in a constructivist building from the thirties. It was important to provide several zones: an isolated waiting room, visitors welcoming place, conference table and personal customers table zone. This layout is logical and psychologically plays on the office owners side: visitors enter the area where you can sit and drink a cup of coffee, but unable to see the directors table.

From the constructivist building original architecture designers inherited the caisson ceiling geometry and large windows. It was decided to support the idea of classic american office style with wooden wall panels.  Lightly coloured wood added spaciousness and elegance to the room. The Ornaments were chosen to be simple, without any classical decorations.
The Joinery — a luxurious library and bookcases behind the main desk are custom made according to United Decor drawings and helped to complete the look. It is highly important not to overdo and not to take “games into American classic” too serious when designing. Here minimalistic spot lighting and strict wall panels help to balance entire look.

The complex window architecture (one is almost three times bigger then another) was adjusted by using active geometric pattern curtains. It brought in a dynamic element to an otherwise respectable, strict and calm interior. Black and white wall images and a distinctive table lamp was also used.