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United Décor —  interior bureau is a duo of Olga Luis and Marina Novikova, designers with astonishing sense of style and gift to almost read customers minds, when it comes to their future home. Marina Novikova has joined the team of United Décor in Year 2013, that allowed the company to transform to a new level.

The designers met in 2012 during a course in Central Saint Martin’s college, London. Straight away they found  common ground love for interior design their similar tastes and views of  superior standards for their business.
United Décor, which  was already created by Olga, was in high demand in the decorations and furniture supply market from Europe. Marina Novikova became a reliable partner for further development and growth of United Décor.

Designers look in the same direction, complimenting each other with their strong skills: Olga perfectly deals with bills and budgeting, and Marina is amazing with exact drawings and technical systems.

Together they create the perfect layout and general image of the future interior. They have  an inspiration: conversation with the customer including how  customer wants to spend time at home, how he likes to do, and what emotions  evolve when they speak about it.This gives the designers an understanding of the clients true expectations from their future interior.

To create a liveable interior, it is necessary to be both: an artist and a craftsman at the same time. The duet of designers managed to find this fragile balance. To create beautiful, innovative spaces in unique style, but at the same time to meet the expectations of our clients is what United Décor aims for.

Marina and Olga’s main goal is to constantly improve their  skill levels  and mutual understanding with customers, so they would be recommended and descended as family doctors. They work hard on it, are inspired by a dream to create magnificent interiors on all continents and to develop the most courageous projects.


Founder – Olga Luis

When Olga Luis started working in design all her previous experience turned out to be relevant: her studies at a European college made easy communication with the client and understanding of their desires; her postgraduate degree in marketing led to a proper business approach, smart organisation of projects and the skill to accurately calculate and save the client’s budget.
Having started her career in the field of furniture she gradually came to furnishing and decorating interiors. Her first clients were left impressed by her work and their trust inspired
Olga for receiving more profound knowledge in design.
*Her projects speak for themselves: logical, emotionally filled comfortable interiors, surprisingly combining sustained style and appetency of the client. An important principle in Olga’s work is change tolerance. You may alter details and accessories, but the interior canvas will remain whole, sustained and will never get dated.
Olga finds the greatest pleasure in realising her ideas without any threat to the stylistic integrity and uniqueness of the interior. It is important to her that the client should receive the home of their dreams while the impression of the happening should not be spoilt by wasted time and worries.