10 interior shortcuts

So, it happens to everyone- while shopping all of a sudden you find THE perfect item for your home (it could be a vase or a lamp, or a porcelain elephant, maybe?) And, if it happens during the vacation most probably this elephant will even  have a company!) And then it is almost impossible to resist buying. Straight away you have those magazine alike pictures of your home going through your head- how perfect this elephant family will look as a center piece on the coffee table. You find 100 and 1 reason for this purchase. Filled with excitement you hurry home only to discover, that that new decoration piece looks different from, what you have dreamt of, or, simply is bigger, than your coffee table. Is it a familiar  picture? Don’t worry. These episodes happen to everyone!!  Only difference with professionals is that over the years they have gained an experience, have trained to see measurements, to imagine final picture right there on the spot.  Designers know how colour, lighting, size of premises, proportions affect the choice of that perfect missing puzzle piece to make atmosphere ideally balanced. There are plenty of fine points in interior design: but we will outline our top 10 with little hints how to avoid or fix  mistakes.

1.Proportions in interior design

Architect Linda Floyd has spotted very clear out the meaning of proportions in interiors. “When you enter into a room, it should be like a city scape…a combination of different heights. You never want everything in a room to be the same level or the same size. Accomplish this with different heights/sizes in your furnishings, art placement and window treatments.”

2.Shopping list.

You do your grocery shopping list before going to the supermarket to avoid spontaneous buys, don’t you?  This instrument will let you filter assortment around you while shopping.   And now calmly you can walk past a magnificent Ostrich lamp that would scare your dog out of the house, towards straw baskets.  Our brain is made to concentrate on important details, if you prepare and know what to look for. It doesn’t mean that spontaneous “love at first sight” purchases are forbidden! Just keep receipts and be aware about return policies !  In the perfect world you should have a room layout with all the measurements of existing furniture and accessories, and a list of desired items with minimum/maximum allowed measures to fit your room.   It helps not only save money, but also time and nerves.

3.Ask for an assistance of professionals.

Do not hesitate to ask in shop consultants or interior designers for an advice. They  are at least inside of the interior industry on a daily base and keep up with trends.  And, again fresh opinion is always a good idea. If you deal with one room for too long, you get too used to one way of decoration.  Ask your friend for an opinion on your choice of colours combinations, or, if you can, hire an interior designer. Sometimes they give single consultations and have a interior personnel shopper service.  Professionals have a lot of insider’s hints and tricks to do a perfect house makeover.  If you don’t agree with a second opinion, ask for the third one. You don’t have to follow advices blindly. It is your home after all, and you are the decision maker here.

4.Collection display

Everyone has a collection of something. Some are mad about stilettos; others have make up boxes or frogs of any kind. It is impossible to remember, how this collection has started already. One friend brought you a porcelain bird as a souvenir, then you saw another one, and, voila, now you have them standing, sitting, flying all around you. What would be the perfect way to arrange your collection? Let think of a wrong one first? We all make the same mistake, described above: we spread pieces of collection chaotically around our homes. There is a number of shortcuts to help in arranging collection of valuables, but there is one, that works no matter what are the treasures: divide the collection in groups of three  and put them in these small groups  around the house. They are not bored and composition is balanced. Win-win situation!

5.Wall art

You can turn any of the walls into your own private art gallery.  In our opinion, a portion of art is appropriate in any situation. It is not that important if you own a terribly expensive master piece or cute mother’s day presents drawing- the biggest difficulty is not, what to put on walls, but how to do it. There is a way to avoid all those holes from nailing: either you make real size blank paper painting model and try different compositions or take your paintings out of frames and do the same thing. By the way, if you are struggling to see whether furniture, you like will fit the room or not, you can do the same thing. Have fun with sizes, compositions and colours; just try to avoid mistake #1 from our list.

6.Choose fabrics and textile first.

Most common mistake in every home makeover is a choice of paint to go first. Put the brush down! It is better to choose curtains, cushions and rugs that you are in love with. Believe us; it is much easier to mix perfect shade of colour, than to find curtains to complement walls. Having your estimate budget, room layout you can go shopping.  Choose that perfect one rug or set of curtains among wide variety there is. That general colour for all chosen pieces will be the colour of your paint. Now you can get back to your brush!

7.Adding character

Of course, it is a lot of fun to wander around shops and show rooms  with brand new and shiny furniture and ready to go sets, but don’t get carried away. One of the biggest dangers is to fill your home with set of furniture from the same collection. You will get the look from the spring furniture catalogue instead of you unique home. Character comes over time. It could be an armchair handed down to you by your relatives  with a changed fabric, and  a carnival mask, that you brought from the last vacation, it could be an antique chair, that you have fought for on the flea market last weekend.  Try to make little trips  in order to spot something interesting for your home without an exact plan to buy a lamp.In some time home will fill with the most important ingredients: your emotions, your memories.

8. Add a focal point

Every room needs a focal center. This method allows an eye to concentrate on the main purpose of the room. (It  is usually a big table in the dining room, TV in the living room, desk in the home office).  If room lacks the center, it “falls apart” and looks untidy.  By the way, big rooms can have more than one center. Usually it is easy to center the room: again-TV in the living room, all the furniture is gathered around it or faces towards the TV.  Sometimes room is not that simple, but question: «What is this room for? » helps. If it is a music room, then obviously, the piano is the center of it, if the main point is to rest, then everything is arranged around sofa.

9.Treasured memory

We all have given down to us furniture and decorations! In one case there are real valuables with an amazing grace locked inside. (Look #7) But it happens extremely rare.   In the rest of cases there is a silent reminding of having to please auntie and not to upset best friend. Most often these emotionally loaded items even suit neither your personality, nor your home. You do have such “presents’, don’t you?   And you try not to see that spot of the house, or to hide this piece of furniture. But you are not allowed to through it out, because it is a present!  We have an idea: try to do the makeover to this item in order to smile when you see it? Repaint it, change the function of it, change the fabric, or add something to it? (For example, hideous vases live happily as table lamps, if you add the lampshade with a light bulb to them.)  If  nothing comes to mind you can either hand it over to the next relative ( maybe, he dreamt about this vase for 5 years), or even sell it, but only if you buy something dedicated to the person and close function to the sold one. Home has to give you only positive vibe.

10. Express yourself

Interior needs to become an essence of you: your mind, your needs, your preferences and travel memories. There is nothing worse, then a cold lifeless interior from the catalogue page. Such interior talks not about you, but only  about its creator. Surround yourself with happy emotions and memories that make you smile.

This article was prepared with help of  “10 Mistakes that everyone makes” by Shelley Little

Black Swan

And today we realised that  one year already passed since  amazing ballet prima  Maya Plisetskaya, died last May.  She  still keeps inspiring  different artists. Stunning gown, created in collaboration of De Gournay and Alena Akhmadullina came to mind. This dress was inspired by the most remarkable part of Maya Plisetskaya, black swan in the ballet  “Swan lake” for past show, dedicated to this astonishing diva.

Black Swan,Maya Plisetskaya