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An exquisite apartment with berrylike accents

An apartment overlooking the Yauza river in Basmanniy district of Moscow became home for a family with a ten-year-old son. Clients were dreaming of a light contemporary interior with elements of the classics and art deco. Space-demanding styes rich in texture are difficult to implement in an urban apartment, yet United decor resolved the problem carefully entwining inherent details into the general canvas of the interior. The classics is represented by the accurate drawing of boiserie panels in the hallway and the stucco molding in the living-room. Geometricity and symmetry – key for classical style, became the common principle of the interior. As for Art-Deco in  decoration – there are  luxurious textures of the module woodblock, lacquered tables, marble and velvet.
The initial layout of the apartment demanded serious re-engineering. Creating a separate study, enlarging the nursery and joining the living-room with the kitchen into one zone resulted in both – a separate place of solitude for each family member – and a comfortable area for warm family nights. This stage was not easy, but the result is the special pride of United decor. Project is full of non-standard solutions; one of which was realised in the hallway. Five doors are too many for a small room. Boiserie panels, mirrors and the lighting solution have pacified this diversity and turned the hallway into a glance jewellery box.
Designers have diligently elaborated on the joining of the living-room and the kitchen: the woodblock gracefully transitions to tiles, while the molding and the colour unite the space visually. Details matter to United decor:  oven and sink are placed along the side of the kitchen which is not observed from the living-room.
Materials in the project have their own story. Centre of the composition in the bedroom is the Hokum Metropolis wallpaper. Its creator Katherine Martin received an Oscar for her best artistic director’s work in the ‘The Great Gatsby’ movie.
All the millwork including the magnificent privacy wall in the nursery were implemented by request according to the author’s drawings. Designers travelled together with the clients to select lounge furniture from Milan. That is how they selected the chairs, armchair, a handy “Selva” pouf and a very comfortable “Bodema” sofa.